Apartment renovations and maintenance in Valencia


Apartment renovations and maintenance services

Nestor offers maintenance services to apartments owners in Valencia. We also coordinate larger renovations jobs:

  • painting of apartments
  • furniture removal
  • reception and installation of Ikea furniture
  • building a new kitchen or bathroom

We help apartment owners in Valencia

Do you own an apartment in Valencia but you are living abroad? We can help you manage your apartment from a distance. We are your local eyes and voice. We make sure your investment is safe.

Renovation jobs

Do you want to paint your apartment, or do you want to install a new kitchen or bathroom? We coordinate the whole process: We ask for 3 different quotations, and we coordinate the project from A to Z.

Small maintenance jobs

We keep your (rental) apartment spotlessly clean and in good shape. We change light bulbs, fix broken hot water boilers, change locks, fix AC’s, replace gas bottles, fix unstable wifi connections, and much more.



Price per hour

For renovation and maintenance jobs we charge a fix price per hour: 35€/hour.

We coordinate the project together with the client (apartment owner). We contact different renovation companies, ask for quotations, and together with the client we decide on the best option. 

Once the works have started the client (apartment owner) receives 2 invoices: an invoice from the renovation company, and an invoice from Nestor (35€/h).

Nestor is a part of Globexs

Nestor is a part of the Globexs group. Nestor was founded to offer specific property management solutions to apartment owners in Valencia. 

We close the circle for investors in Valencia

In the city of Valencia we offer a 1-stop solution to our customers. With the brand Blue Key we help foreigners invest in property in Valencia. With the brand Globexs we give them a rental income, and with the brand Nestor we manage and clean their property: As a matter of speaking we close the circle.



For concierge services we charge a fix fee according to size of the apartment

We do not charge a % of the rental

For cleaning and maintenance jobs we usually charge a fix price per hour

For decoration & rental preparation we make a customized quotation, as well as for tax & legal assistance.

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