Apartment Management in Valencia

Property management solutions for owners of rental apartments in Valencia.


Managing your apartment in coronatimes


Quality concierge services to apartment owners who rent to tourists and expats:


We welcome new tenants at the apartment


We manage the check-in / check-out process


Cleaning and linen change


We coordinate maintenance and renovation works in your apartment. New kitchens, bathrooms, painting, water boilers, wifi connections, etc.


We are lawyers specialized in property law.

Legal and fiscal matters: Community meetings, complaining neighbors, tax declarations, etc.


We help owners prepare their apartment for rentals.

In our webshop owners can buy everything they need to prepare their apartment for rentals.


Nestor is a part of Globexs…

Nestor was baptized in 2018 as a brand of Globexs (Global Expatriate Services SL). The people behind Nestor and Globexs are Lodewijk Cuypers (Co-founder and Senior Property Investment Consultant) and Tiscar Navarro (CEO and Property Investment Lawyer). Tiscar and Lodewijk are supported by a fantastic team that operates from our head office in Valencia, and from our Antwerp branch.

Nestor Property Management in Valencia

Nestor was founded to offer specific property management solutions to apartment owners in Valencia.


Managing your apartment in coronatimes

In the last 2 decades any foreigners have bought an apartment in Valencia. Some of them are actually using their apartment as a second home, and others are renting it out with a long term contract. But most of the foreigner apartments owners do not actually reside in Valencia and are facing major challenges due to Covid: How to manage their apartment from a distance?

Our History

Globexs was founded in 2002 focusing on expats on the move, with a wide range of services to make their stay abroad more comfortable. In the first years the focus was mainly on language and translation services. In 2009 Globexs started offering accommodation for expats in Antwerp. In 2010 we started operating in Valencia, and soon we added Madrid, Asturias, Barcelona and Alicante to our destinations. Later we added Brussels, Ghent, Lisbon, Bordeaux, Paris and Rotterdam. Globexs kept on growing to become an international relocation company focused on quality and customer satisfaction.

In 2015 Globexs added an extra service to expats and apartment owners: a specialized webshop. In the Globexs webshop we offer a range of indispensable items for every expat: “Everything that you forgot or was too heavy to bring”. And apartment owners can buy everything they need to prepare their apartment for rentals: new bedlinens, pillows, duvets, towels, amenities, etc…

In 2017 we created the brand Blue Key Investments to offer specific solutions to the requests that we were receiving from our Globexs customers in Valencia. We were receiving more and more requests for property investments in Valencia, and that is not a coincidence, because Valencia suddenly became one of the most interesting and popular places to invest in Europe. With specialized services such as project management, property finding and legal assistance Blue Key is dedicated to support foreign investors in Valencia.

In 2018 we created the brand Nestor to offer specific property management solutions to apartment owners in Valencia. Globexs is managing over 50 apartments only in Valencia, and the property management part of the job is becoming every day more important and challenging. At the same time the Nestor website is reaching out to Airbnb-apartment owners. More specifically, Nestor is reaching out to foreigners who bought an apartment in Valencia with Blue Key and who need professionals to manage the rentals, whether they are expats rentals or Airbnb rentals.


“Dealing with Lodewijk and his team at Globexs (Nestor) was an outstanding experience. They are very attentive and respectful of ensuring that your use of the property is both enjoyable and occurs without incident. We had only one small incident while we were in the property and within 1 hour of a call to Lodewijk the problem was resolved beyond expectation. Highly recommend working with Globexs and the team. ” (Stephen Simms – USA)

“I am a business owner who looks for consistency & quality when placing professional workers for months at a time in the European cities where we operate. Finding and working with Globexs has had a hugely positive impact on my ability to successfully coordinate these logistics. The Globexs team has provided such a level of quality in Valencia that we’re looking to expand our relationship into different cities where they operate. The team is very professional, responsive, highly capable … and fun! They’re a great group of people to work with on the various apartment projects I’ve had cause to secure..” (Ross Briscoe – Globekick)

“I use Globexs services during my business trips. Globexs is able to present the strengths and weaknesses of the offered apartments fits to my detailed expectations – finally I get offers adjust to my needs. Communication is easy and each time you can count on help. Payments and formalities run smoothly. ” (Jacek Karminski – Poland)

“Globexs (Blue Key) helped us with a lot of things in Spain. They have assisted with all the legal details of buying a house. Opening a bank account and obtaining a mobile number. We are completely satisfied with their services and would recommend Globexs even to my friends. ” (Martin Mink – Holland)

“This is a big THANK YOU to Globexs. I was searching for a furnished apartment in Antwerp on very short notice, when he helped me out in a fantastic way and extremely fast. Just by email Lodewijk and I agreed on a rent and I was able to move in within 3 days. As I tried before also to work with other agencies I can really state out Globexs’ service and flexibility as perfect for Expats or other people with an urgent need for housing. ” (Carola Appel – Germany)

“We looked for a nice appartement in Valencia. But… where to start? We started with GLOBEXS, a firm who gave us great advice on all levels. Starting from pointing out the most interesting neighbourhoods, helping us with all the legal advice we needed until the signment at the notary. And there is more: we can depend on them as trustworthy housekeepers. ” (Hugo Van Laere – Belgium)

Nestor is a part of Globexs

Nestor is a part of the Globexs group. Nestor was founded to offer specific property management solutions to apartment owners in Valencia. 

We close the circle for investors in Valencia

In the city of Valencia we offer a 1-stop solution to our customers. With the brand Blue Key we help foreigners invest in property in Valencia. With the brand Globexs we give them a rental income, and with the brand Nestor we manage and clean their property: As a matter of speaking we close the circle.



For concierge services we charge a fix fee according to size of the apartment

We do not charge a % of the rental

For cleaning and maintenance jobs we usually charge a fix price per hour

For decoration & rental preparation we make a customized quotation, as well as for tax & legal assistance.

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